If you are tired of trying to lose weight, don’t give up when you could try something new to increase your motivation level. There are thousands of ways to go about losing the weight all you have to do is find something you can stick with.

Staying motivated is the biggest barrier I hear, and it may be the issue you are experiencing as well.  You start a new eating plan and are trying to get some exercise every day but then something comes up and it all gets blown right out of the water. Then after a few days it is right back to square one.

Human beings are inherently lazy beings and if we do not get instant gratification from what it is we are doing, we get bored, or discouraged, and just do not want to do it anymore. Then we convince ourselves we can’t do it, we tell ourselves that we have tried but the weight won’t come off no matter what we try to do.

Be honest with yourself if you are tired of trying to lose weight and admit that you just really have not tried that hard and are just looking for excuses or that one miracle pill that you can take one night before you go to bed and then wake up thin and beautiful.

Wouldn’t that be the greatest ever? Well, that is not how it’s ever going to work, and I think you and I both know that. If we are going to be thin and beautiful we have to be willing to do the work and keep at it until we reach our goals. (and after we have reached them as well to maintain)

Let me try to give you a few tips that may help:

1. Try to find a work out buddy. Having someone to do your workouts with can help you stay motivated and they can even push you when you need a little boost and you can do the same for them. Be each other’s strength if you can’t be your own all the time. You will find more strength inside you if you feel like you are helping someone else. (Yes, no matter where you are located, I’m available!)

2. Change things up every now and then. Your work out doesn’t have to be the same thing day after day. If the weather is cooperating take some of your work out outside at the warmest part of the day. Not only will the fresh air make you feel good you will have done something to make your work out more interesting that day.

3. Make your work out a habit instead of a chore. Make an appointment with yourself to go at the same time every day until it becomes something you can’t live without. If you make it a necessity, like going to work or the grocery store, then you will be more likely to stick with it over time.

Try these tips if you are tired of trying to lose weight and see if they will help you stay on track a little better.

To Your Health & Success,
Monica Bundy

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