Personal Blog Alert:  I feel like this is the perfect time to share this with you all since we are approaching a new year.

Letting go is a freeing process to renew myself.  When I reflect on me, my surroundings, company I keep, etc I sometimes realize there are many things in my life of which I must let go in order to free myself for the blessings in store for me.  Its a continuous process because as time passes after we’ve let go, we pick up other people and things that aren’t positioned to stay.

So, I let go of all anxiety and stress to cleanse my mind. When I let go of my worries, I enjoy peace of mind and serenity in my soul. I am liberated when I surrender control because my mind is free from tension’s contamination.

I let go of the emotional wounds of my past so I may cleanse my spirit. No matter what is behind me, I move forward to a better day. I block out evil thoughts and replace them with faith and trust. And I know my present and future holds the best days of my life.

In order to cleanse my body, I examine my diet and make adjustments where necessary. I cut out fatty and unhealthy foods. I eat more vegetables and foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. My body is free from drugs and other harmful toxins.

Cleansing helps me enjoy my life to the fullest. I cleanse to fill myself with things of value. I add healthy habits to my life so I may improve my body. I add clarity and perspective to improve my mind. I add peace of mind and strength to improve my spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How can letting go improve your health?
2. How can you cleanse your body and mind?
3. Are you holding onto emotional wounds from your past that you need to release?

To Your Health & Success,
Monica Bundy