We all want success, health, prosperity, and we all want to be happy. We all want to be self-disciplined and find an easy formula for success and high achievement. There are ways to maintain this excitement and enthusiasm about goals and ambitions we want to accomplish. There are ways to stay committed to do the things we know we want to be doing. There are several ways to keep the energy, desire, drive and make the feeling last! There is a formula, a recipe or a road map for lasting success and motivation. In certain areas of our life we have the desire but find a lack of long-term motivation.

What Suppresses Inspiration

1. Lack of defined goals
2. Letting others pull you down
3. Lack of personal development
4. Lack of responsibility for your life and shifting the blame
5. Poor health
6. Overwhelmed
7. Waiting for better order in your life, or for things to be perfect
8. Don’t see your reward or visualize what you want to accomplish
9. Poor self-esteem
10. Creature of habit

Top Ten Ways to Find Your Internal Inspiration:

1. Find what you love to do and form a game plan to do it.
2. Review your goals and objectives daily. How are you going to get there?
3. Develop a sense of urgency. How and when you are going to get there?
4. Develop courage to do what you really want.
5. Read inspirational material about how and where you want to go.
6. Find others who are successful and discover how they accomplished their goals.
7. Develop a vision.
8. What are the reasons you want to get there? List them.
9. Find a support group.
10. Find and develop a great attitude!

When we use inspiration, we are enthusiastic about ourselves and what we are going to accomplish. How do we find that inspiration? We find it by discovering the reasons that inspire us to improve ourselves and our lives. What is our purpose? What are the reasons behind our goals and objectives? When you use desperation as a motivator, you are moved by logic. For example, you go to work, because if you don’t you will be fired.

Emotionally you may not want to work hard, but logically you must. When you use inspiration as a motivator, you are using your emotions. Sure, there may be some logic to your motivation, but the inspiration to act is emotional. Wanting to become the best in your field is a desire, and this emotion and will drive you further than basing your motivation on logic.

Wishing you the best,
Monica Bundy
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