Have you ever been told when your surroundings are cluttered, you will not be as productive?

It’s true! Let’s me explain…

Clutter has an impact on your inner self which means if you declutter your space you will also declutter your mind. When you open your mind, your thoughts and ideas will flow more smoothly. 

Keeping your environment clutter free will help you stress less and lead you to being more productive.

It’s not easy for some people to declutter their lives. If you’ve ever seen the television show Hoarders, it shows how some people have psychological blocks about throwing things away or getting rid of them. It gets so bad, some of them can’t live in their homes due to all the clutter. All the STUFF they’ve collected is in the way and this makes it impossible for them to clean. 

From experience, I believe everyone should put fourth the effort to declutter your space periodically.

In the case of hoarders, they may need to seek some therapy to help them through it. For most people, this is extreme and unnecessary. But whatever it takes to keep your environment clutter-free, it will be worth it.

When was the last time you were looking for a piece of paper on your desk at work or somewhere in your house?

If you weren’t able to easily find it, this is also a form of clutter. When you don’t create a system that helps you quickly retrieve items, you are going to spend unnecessary time looking for them.

Hold up, it’s not just physical documents that get cluttered.

Your digital documents may be cluttered as well. This can be just as distracting as looking for physical documents. Because we tend to deal more with digital documents, this is likely to cause more stress because your most important documents will be in this format. There are so many apps that can help you keep your digital filing in order. I personally love Google Drive. Evernote is a good one as well. And both have a free version.

You will reduce your stress levels when you create a decluttered environment. You will be able to find things faster which gives you more time to be productive (work on important tasks). Even if not for work, you will have more time to spend doing what you enjoy doing because I know that’s not searching for items in clutter. 

Your Partner In Health,
Monica Bundy | Lifestyle Strategist