Not Your Typical Health & Wellness Coach

Not Your Typical Health & Wellness Coach

I had the opportunity to do a nontraditional, impromptu interview with Monica Bundy of Monica Bundy Consulting, an official Business & Brunch Sponsor, to gain more insight about her business and what drives her in her career as a Lifestyle Strategist. Monica Bundy is a Raleigh, NC based Life Strategist and creator or the “Do to Done Planner” We’ve all heard of brand strategists and marketing strategists, but a Lifestyle Strategist? What’s that? I wasn’t exactly sure either so I slid in her DM’s and got nosey!

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My name is Monica Bundy, I’m a Wellness & Stress Management Coach who teaches busy professionals how to develop healthier habits that are simple but effective, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and enjoy life again!


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