Nice to meet you. I’m Monica Bundy!

As a Lifestyle Strategist @MBundyConsulting I enjoy teaching busy professionals how to develop healthier habits that are simple but effective so they can live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.
A technician by background and nature, I discovered my passion and purpose after taking a part-time position offering health and wellness products in November 2012.
After working closely with my clients and seeing the need for a simple but effective approach to healthy living — March 2014 I started to develop a brand to inspire, educate, and support busy professionals like you and I regardless of where you are on your journey.
Using my journey from “chronically stressed to success”, I encourage others to develop healthier habits to improve their lifestyle so they can live better and longer.
Because of my ability to relate and connect with my clients, I have become a motivator, and teacher to over-achieving females who want to “LIVE MORE FREELY” but are battling through the process of getting started, staying motivated, and being able to keep the results.

“So, what if instead of thinking about solving your whole, you think about adding good things, one at a time,
and let your pile of good things grow.”
– Unknown

Well, let me show you with my journey from “Stressed To Success”!  

 2013 – Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.

 I was making 5 figures a month (career + side hustle) but that July 13th I realized making more money with the same bad (toxic) habits wouldn’t lead me to the happiness and fulfillment I hoped it would.  

It was also that day I made the decision to strive to be emotionally, physically, AND financially healthy! Not knowing where I was going to start wasn’t strong enough to keep me from starting. I’ve been on this journey for 6 years!

I unexpectedly began with mastering the nutrition part. Someone knew I was experiencing very bad migraines and suggested I saw a chiropractor. Very long made story short, my Chiropractor asked me if I wanted to attend the 5 week detox program he was offering. I accepted and after 3 weeks I was advised my migraines were mostly being caused from gluten! This began my Gluten Free journey! (BTW it’s January 2019 and I still live a gluten free lifestyle)

You don’t know how bad you feel until you start feeling better!” – Me  

 2014- Be Who You Needed! 

I realized there are women also feeling unfulfilled who desires to make changes to their lives that need assistance with getting started and want support. So, March I put my YES on the table and started my own business where I developed custom action plans for my clients! 

One size fits all life advised is a lot like one size fits all clothing, it’s either too big or to too small, it never fits just right.” – Me 

2015-2018 Self-Care Isn’t Selfish! 

While showing up for my tribe and working 1:1 with several women to help them find what works for them to make progress on their journey, I focused a lot more on my own self care. I had the eating healthier part mastered, so this time was spent on my emotional and financial  health.

Trying to be an extrovert was not successful. So, this is also the time period where I found out who I truly am, accepted it, and began to love my introversion. 

Being a better person as a whole is important to me and this being priority resulted me no longer living on an emotional roller coaster, letting go of people, places, and things that drained my energy, strengthening my relationships with those who truly matter, building new relationships, valuing my own validation more than others, partnering with those who align with my values, and much more.

 I’m keeping this same energy and making 2019 my best year yet!

Want to Join Me?


Remember I’ve been on this journey for the last 6 years and I don’t expect you to start where I am.
I offer three options to ensure I meet you regardless of where you are on YOUR journey!  
* 1:1 strategy sessions to help you get started on your own journey or to assist you with overcoming a specific obstacle that has prevented you from making progress,


*Digital and physical products,

* Monthly webinars and in person workshops.

I know you’re ready to feel healthier, happier, and more fulfilled! 

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