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If you are not investing in personal development, you may be limiting your true potential.

Personal development affects your entire life, not just your work life or your personal life. It’s amazing how many people don’t try to improve themselves. Often times these are the same people wondering why they aren’t reaching their goals and living their best life. 

I know most of the time when people suggest ways for your to invest in yourself they are usually talking about a monetary investment.  Sometimes it’s just as important to invest time into yourself.

I encourage you to use this week’s blog post to learn how to create the proper balance between investing time and investing money in yourself.

Use these guidelines to help you:

Imagine How You Want Your Life To Be 

Without a vision, you won’t be able to determine what kind of life you want to live. You need to balance what kinds of changes you want professionally as well as personally. The two will ultimately overlap. If you imagine yourself being more helpful to others, this trait will become part of both.

There may be certain aspects of your personal development that you believe are specific to personal life but may eventually carry over to your professional life.

If you have wanted to increase your skills as a leader, this could easily be incorporated into your professional career.

The key is to identify and imagine what this new skill is going to look like.

Assess Your Current Situation

Before you make any changes in your life, determine where you stand with your life as it currently exists.

Determine strengths and weaknesses to help you formulate a plan to make the necessary changes.

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Once you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, create some goals to strive to complete. These should include high level goals as well as action steps. Most important, set milestones with firm dates for these action steps.

Consider Alternatives

There can be valid reasons why certain actions or goals can’t be met. Instead of abandoning the entire personal development plan, come up with alternatives steps.

*Disclaimer* Be careful not to fall back on these steps because that’s easier than doing the work to reach your main goal(s).

Evaluate How You Are Doing

When you reach a milestone, see how you did against the plan of action steps.

This is a crucial step, and it’s important to be realistic and truthful. The best way to handle this is to have someone else perform this for you. It may not be easy to hear, but the benefits will be well worth it.

Keep it Simple

First let me say I get the concept of dreaming big! In fact, dreaming too small can be just as bad as dreaming too small. 

But when you add a bunch of unobtainable goals to your plan, you’re setting yourself up for failure. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to push yourself. It just means be realistic about your capabilities.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you have a goal to save $500 a month because you’re tired of stressing where the money will come from when unexpected thing come up.

After you use your current income to take care of your expenses $500 isn’t left in your bank account. You’re not doing anything to make additional income and you have no plans to decrease your expenses.

Saving $500 a month isn’t a realistic (simple) goal. The realistic goal would be to decrease your expenses and/or increase your monthly income so you can start to build your savings account without creating stress in other areas of your life.

I hope you found this week’s article helpful. 

Your Partner In Health,
Monica Bundy